7 Reasons to Switch to Online Bookkeeping Services

If you are a small business owner you know that bookkeepers and bookkeeping are an essential part of the business but you also know that it is time consuming and adds nothing of value to the customer. In other words it is a necessary evil. It becomes an even bigger thorn in your side if you are using an outdated off site accounting service who is emailing or faxing you updates once a week, or worse yet, you purchased expensive bookkeeping software for your office only to find that it doesn’t have the flexibility that you need for meaningful reports.

If that’s the situation that you’re in, you should seriously consider switching to an online bookkeeping service and start reaping these benefits right away:

1. Confidentiality and control

Many business owners who are not using an online bookkeeping service or bookkeeper cite their fear that all of their financial information is floating around on the internet and can be easily hacked by anyone who cares to try. That’s akin to saying you won’t put money in a bank because it might be robbed. Today’s security technology and secure servers makes the internet one of the safest methods to exchange information. Your records remain absolutely confidential and the only people to have access will be those that you grant a password to and even then, you can limit what a person can see. For example, if you have a person doing billing and collections for you, you can limit their access to just those functions and nothing else.

2. Accessibility

Because your bookkeeping records are online, you can access them from anywhere that has a connection. If you need to check on something before you leave the house to go to the office you can. If you are with a client and need to review an invoice, providing there’s a connection, you can bring it up right away. You are not locked into a single PC to access your data and obviously you don’t have to wait for a weekly update from the accounting service.see post from http://www.readingeagle.com/business-weekly/article/bookkeeping-company-is-big-chamber-promoter

3. Integration

If you bank online, most online bookkeeping services have the capability to download your banking records directly into your bookkeeping system. Talk about a time saver. The whole idea of an online system is to utilize the data it stores to simplify repetitive tasks and reduce the number of duplicate entries that have to be made. Bookkeeping takes up enough time as it is, online bookkeeping can make a substantial dent in that time.

4. Customization

Your business and your management style are unique. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to be able to assemble your financial information in a format that fits the business rather than having to fit the business to a standard format? Online bookkeeping allows you to do just that.

5. Disaster recovery

Often, small businesses don’t give this potential devastating problem any though much less have a plan to deal with it. If you have accounting software on your PC at work you might be running daily backups but then you have to store those discs someplace offsite. That’s a prudent practice because if your office suffers a disaster, or your PC simply crashes, then at least you have the data to start over again. With online services and their massive server capability and continuous backup you never have to worry about a disaster ruining your records.

6. Improved customer service

Bookkeeping ServicesBecause your online system is recording and calculating in real time, you can offer real time answers to customers with questions. If your banking information is integrated into the system you have the latest data on payments received and refunds issued.

7. Marketing machine

With the optional programs available, it’s possible to make your bookkeeping system a revenue earning tool. Recently some systems have integrated email marketing software that takes advantage of your customer and vendor lists already in the system and that can send out professional email marketing pieces and track their performance. Look for more innovations that optimize data already in your system.

Online bookkeeping services offer tremendous advantages over more traditional methods. Isn’t it time you at least investigate the possibility? For more information, visit www.bookkeeperco.com.au today.